Low-Substituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose

Super Disintegrant


L-HPC is a low-substituted hydroxypropyl ether of cellulose. It is non-ionic in nature & compatible with various active ingredients. Since it is insoluble in water and alcohol it only swells in water by holding water molecules around hydroxypropyl groups. Due to this property is functions as a disintegrant. Tablets containing L-HPC disintegrate into very fine individual particles, thus resulting in rapid drug dissolution.

Due to its specific particle size & shape it helps in the trouble shooting of the issue of capping in tablet manufacturing process. L-HPC can be used during both – wet or dry granulation process.

Hydrocel L-HPC vs. HPC

Hydrocel L-HPC is NOT the same as HPC though they have the same CAS number. Hydrocel L-HPC has different characteristics from Hydroxypropyl-cellulose (HPC). HPC is a binding agent widely used for solid dosage forms while L-HPC is a super disintegrant. While HPC has a larger amount of Hydroxypropoxy groups in the cellulose backbone, Hydrocel L-HPC has only a small level which is why it is “Low-substituted” Hydroxy propyl cellulose. Due to this chemical difference, HPC is soluble in water, but Hydrocel L-HPC is insoluble & swells in water causing the effect of disintegration in tablets, pellets & capsules.

Hydrocel L-HPC vs. HPC


  • Excellent compatibility with active ingredients & other excipients.
  • Disintegrated tablet into smaller particles giving excellent dissolution.
  • Provides Anti-capping effect for tablets
  • Suitable for pellet extrusion as well as tableting.

LHPC Features