HPMC / Hypromellose

HPMC for Film Coating, Sustained Release, Binding Applications & Veg. Capsules


Hydrocel HPMC / Hypromellose cellulose ethers are water soluble polymers derived from cellulose ethers that are derived from cellulosic materials such as natural wood or cotton linters. Hydrocel HPMC offer some exceptional range of properties which makes it a key component in pharmaceutical formulations, dermaceutical and topical products as well as the personal care and food industry.

In the recent years, with our ever increasing want to improve our quality and consistency we have made further advances in understanding this polymer and its matrix system have for its application in more controllable and reproducible drug release profile by working on its properties and making the parameters more stringent. Hydrocel-CR (Hypromellose) is especially suitable for this application, and provides a genuine consistency in the final products.


  • Binding
  • Lubricity
  • Film Formation
  • Water Retention
  • Thickening Agent
  • Rheology Modifier
  • Matrix System Formation




Cellulose derivatives such as HPMC, which when comes into contact with water forms a matrix system which makes it popular for use in controlled release dosage forms for modulating drug release in tablets and pellets. HPMC matrices follow 2 mechanisms i.e diffusion through the swelling layer and release by matrix erosion of the swollen layer.

The steps of Sustained release through Hydrophilic Matrix Systems is as follows:

  1. Initial Swelling: a gel layer forms around a tablet when Hydrocel HPMC becomes wet & begins to hydrate.
  2. Gel Layer Expansion: as water seeps in the gel layer becomes thicker.
  3. Erosion of Tablets: outer layer is fully hydrated & ultimately dissolved in the dissolution medium completely.
  4. Dissolution: drug releases from the tablet and gel layer through diffusion & erosion.


  • Hydrocel (HPMC) is multi pharmacopeial compliant product making it suitable for Domestic, ROW & Regulated market.
  • It is specially designed for Controlled Release, Sustained Release & Delayed Release formulations due to its narrow specification giving batch to batch consistency in release profile.
  • Hydrocel HPMC is supported with complete documentation which is essential for pharmaceutical market.
  • Hydrocel (HPMC) ensures consistent quality while being cost competitive.


  • Film Coating for Tablets
  • Under coating for Enteric Coating
  • Binder for Tablets
  • Reducing size of Tablets
  • To control the rate of release of Drugs
  • Polymer to produce Empty Hard Vegetable Capsules
  • Film former in Rinse-off products & Aerosols
  • Viscosity builder & rheology modifier for semi-solids & liquids
  • Polymer for Sustained Release, Controlled Release and Extended Release of drugs in Tablets.

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